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Construction Method

The purpose of these Design Standards is to provide a consistent policy under which certain physical aspects of water distribution design will be implemented. The elements contained in the standards document are drinking water focused and are related to improvements and maintenance contract projects; however, it is intended they apply to all work designated herein.


Traditionally PDWA has engages with common sense construction methods and followed AWWA standards. As this document matures over time the blending of long time unwritten practices will be included. Many of the traditional methods are best practices that should be retained even though they have not yet been added to this document.


These Standards cannot provide for all situations. They are intended to assist but not to substitute for competent work by design professionals. It is expected engineers will bring to each project the best of skills from their respective disciplines.


The Standards are also not intended to limit unreasonably any innovative or creative effort which could result in better quality, better cost savings, or both.


Any proposed departure from the Standards will be judged; however, on the likelihood such variance will produce a compensating or comparable result, in every way adequate for the member.


Following from the above purpose, the Standards have the objective of developing utilities which will:


a) Be consistent with the PDWA practices and adopted Water Master Plans;

b) Be safe and economical to maintain and which maximize practical design life;

c) Alternate materials and methods will be considered for approval on the basis of

these objectives.


Contractors you may call the office for a complete list of PDWA Construction Standards.


(503) 835-7221

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