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Perrydale Domestic Water Association Was Founded in 1973.

Ray Hobson and Vernon Maxson were the leaders who made Perrydale Domestic Water Association a reality. They had the vision and drive to start and keep building until we had a real drinking water system.

Today PDWA has about 200 miles of pipe that covers from the southern border of Sheridan to the northern border of Dallas and east to Lincoln and just a bit west of Salt Creek Store on Highway 22.


PDWA has an average of 2 meters per mile compared to 200 or more meters per mile of pipeline that many cities have.  PDWA covers about 145 square miles.


PDWA is a non-profit 501.c entity.


Leaders Who Made Perrydale Domestic Water Association a Reality.


DEC. 28, 1916 – OCT. 24, 2010


Ray had a history of excelling in what he attempted.  He had many diverse careers in one lifetime.  Those careers included helping to build Grand Coulee Dam, testing dairy cows, running his own dairy farm, developing a dairy program at Clatsop Community College and working at the Oregon State Department of Agriculture, where he became the Assistant Director of Agriculture.


In 1971 he became the driving force in developing a domestic water association to solve the shortage of good drinking water in the Perrydale area.  Perrydale Domestic Water Association was born at the kitchen table of the Hobson residence.  Ray along with his wife and partner Ellen, and a steering committee of other dedicated community members, worked long and hard to develop a well-managed and efficient water system. Ellen served as secretary at Perrydale Domestic Water Association until 2001.  Ray devoted 39 years to Perrydale Domestic Water Association and to the development of quality drinking water for the future of not only the Perrydale Hills area, but for an expanded area covering several counties.


Ray was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.  His family was very important to him.  Ellen was his partner in life and work for 66 years.  Ellen passed away in 2004.


Ray was loved, respected and an example to us all.   Ray will be missed by many people.

Vernon L Maxson

Nov. 7, 1921 – March 11, 2015


Vernon was the man who people called when then needed help with water during the early years. As a farmer Vernon was in the area while during the early years of the 1970's Ray Hobson was still working in Salem at the Department of Agriculture during the day.  The contribution to the community Vernon made was significant and appreciated by many whom had not had good water before PDWA was created by Vernon, Ray and many others. Today the Perrydale Hills area is a flourishing farm community that continues to work hard and focus on keeping the community strong.

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Perrydale Photo History

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Delivering Drinking Water

In rural Polk and Yamhill Counties

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