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Emergency Preparedness

PDWA is working with Polk County and State of Oregon Emergency Preparedness teams to integrate into their response programs.  This is a work in progress and takes time to gain alignment.


Every household is responsible for their disaster preparedness and should have an emergency supply of potable water. A good rule of thumb: each household should store a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day for fourteen days. Households with animals should add adequate stored water supplies for their animals. The American Red Cross has detailed information about potable water storage at their website An adequate emergency supply of drinking water in each household is a tremendous asset to the water system.  



If a disaster strikes your community, you might lose access to clean water. Take steps now to store emergency water supplies and learn other useful tips for getting water in an emergency, so you and your family have water with which to drink, cook, and wash. Click here for more information PDWA recommends that each household have a minimum of 1000 gallons of water. You can install a tank that fills from the water system and then the water flows into your house pipes from your tank.


Volunteer to help during emergencies:

  • Fuel truck-trailer. If you have one or both and can help refuel generators that are powering our pumps when power lines go down. The trucks need to be 4X4 drive as roads to pump sites may be damaged and are muddy during the rainy seasons.

  • Diesel Fuel. Do you have fuel PDWA can use if service stations are offline or we can't get to Polk County's fuel depot?

  • Communications. If you have 2 way radios and can help us communicate should cellular communications be down.

  • 3 Phase Generators. We have 2 and need 6 if the whole region is out of power.


Call the office or fill out the online form in Contact to volunteer.


The buttons below are links and downloads to more information, click and learn more.

Polk County Emergency


(503) 835-7221

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