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Service Questions

We have limited water resources and the system was built for the community size of the 1970s. This means that PDWA does not have the ability to expand and add more meters. Today the system has more meters then it was designed to serve.  We want everyone to be able to turn on their faucet, shower... and have water.


What can be done to change this?  There are three key items:  add more water sources to the system, add more storage tanks to the system, increase the pipe size of the distribution system. All of this is possible to do. The challenge is that it all costs a significant amount of money. It is not uncommon for the cost per foot of installed pipe to be $300 per foot.  With 200 miles of existing pipe to replace the total cost is very high.  There are also maintenance and replacement projects that need to be completed as some of the infrastructure is wearing out.  Example is the new filter system that went online in 2018, replacing the old system that was installed in 1976.

Double check valves or back flow devices are put on all new services and we are working to add them to all meters installed without these devices. For each service that does have a double check valve we inspect these each year and include the $35.00 fee on your bill the month it is inspected. The inspection of the double check device is required by the State of Oregon. 

Service Calls:  There are cases when we are called out by members that a service call fee may apply. The base fee is $50.00 for the first hour.  This usually occurs when we have repeated calls from a member to solve water issues that we have already informed them are on their side of the meter. It also will apply if we receive a request for immediate service and the problem is not on our side of the meter.  We do provide suggestions over the phone and are very happy to help you diagnose where the water problem is during a phone conversation.  


Response when you call:  We try to respond to each request within one day. Usually we can get to your request quickly. Sometimes we have a bigger issue and need to solve it before helping you.  It is very common for us to hear from members that they did not expect to see us so quickly. We want to keep responding quickly to your water needs.

Delivering Drinking Water

In rural Polk and Yamhill Counties
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